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DIXINI Hollow Shutter Glass Co., Ltd. in Zhangqiu

Shandong Dixini hollow shutter glass Co. Ltd. in Zhangqiu is the first enterprise titled by Hollow Shutter Glass in China and the earliest high-tech company to develop and produce the hollow shutter in Shandong province. It also takes part in compiling Application Technology Regulations of Building External Sunshade Project of Shandong Province. The company was established in December of 2011 and R&D of project started in March of 2010. Now we have the ability to produce 200,000 square meters’ products and we have formed four kinds of core technology products represented by hollow shutter glass system, electric hollow shutter glass system, manual hollow shutter glass sliding door system and electric hollow shutter glass sliding door system.  

DIXINI devotes itself to the promotion, application and development of the hollow shutter glass all over the world. In recent years, the products, materials and technologies have been exported to Australia, the USA, Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and Indonesia successfully. At the same time, we have established close partnership with Country Grand Real Estate, Evergrande Real Estate, Road King Real Estate and Huajian Aluminum Industry. There is a saying goes like that don't worry about not knowing much about the goods and just compare and you will see which is better. The project DIXINI participated in was well received by property developers and the proprietors in Jinan, Tianjin, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Nantong, Taizhou and Xuzhou.

Quality materials, reassuring shutter. Our company concentrates on gaining consumer’s trust through high quality products. We stick to using the best materials, the most refined technologies and the most excellent workmanship to produce the best products. After a destructive test with the frequency of 10,000 times a day, our manual hollow shutter glass’s service life reaches 100500 times for going up and down, which is much more than the State Standard of 60000 times. Its normal service life is twenty years. The service life of our electric hollow shutter glass motor is more than 10000 hours.

With the philosophy of “devoted to producing shutter with the best quality”, DIXINI is rooted in the hollow shutter glass industry. We will learn from different things and continue to grow. We are not only the discoverer of the new system, but also the propellent of the new times. We will set a new and good example for industries and create a new world in the future.

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